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Average cost of assisted living

The average cost of an assisted living community in Las Vegas is $3,650 per month. The Cost of Assisted Living in Las Vegas. At $3,650, Las Vegas is one of the most affordable cities for assisted living in Nevada. This rate is $100 less than the state average of $3,750. It's $850 cheaper than the average for the United States as a whole.

. The cost of assisted living versus in-home care depends on how much in-home care you need. For example, if your loved one only requires 10 hours of home care a week at the hourly median cost of $24.72, that would be about $1000 a month, well below the national average for assisted living. Average monthly cost for assisted living care. According to Genworth Financial, the national average cost of a private one-unit in an assisted living facility is about $4,300 per month or $51,600 per year. As with home care, the price will vary depending on your state.

Assisted Living Costs. The cost of having your senior in an assisted living facility is usually less than a full-time home care services or long-term care. Use the following tool to figure out assisted living cost details by state and region. The tool displays average costs for different types of assisted living.

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Assisted living costs have continued to rise as well, though assisted living communities are much more affordable than nursing homes. The median cost of assisted living facilities is $148 per day, which equates to $4,500 per month, or $54,000 per year. The disadvantage is the cost, with entry fees averaging more than $400,000, according to the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care. ... puts national.


Assisted living facilities can be expensive - a 2017 survey conducted by Genworth Financial found the median monthly cost for an assisted living community is $3,750, totaling $45,000 annually.

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